Mobile features

Lightning quick loadtimes

Streamline’s performance is second to none. We’ve kept the theme lightweight and fast to ensure quick time to view even on 3G connections — all without compromising on style or features.

Instant product pages

No waiting for product pages to load — use our Quick Shop feature to show complete product pages (with reviews and sections) instantly from any collection, homepage, or custom sectioned page.

Infinite side scrolling

When browsing through a side scrolling collection, Streamline will automatically load more products before your customer reaches the end, creating a seamless infinitely scrollable collection without any dead ends.

Thumb menu

Your menu is the outline of everything you have to offer. Traditionally placed in the top corner, it has become increasingly difficult to reach as phones have grown substantially since the idea originated. Streamline changes that and puts your menu where your customers fingers already are: at the bottom of the screen and in a large easy-to-tap multi-level design.

Thumb checkout

Encourage continued shopping by combining Quick Shop with our Sticky cart. When enabled, adding a product to cart will instantly return customers to the page they were shopping from, allowing them to keep browsing through the collection that caught their interest.

Instant product previews

Your photos are what sell your products — Streamline can seamlessly cycle through each product’s photos as your customers scroll through a collection. This applies to collections that are set to show 1 image per row on mobile.

Mobile-specific images

Tailor your content for each device — you can add specific images for mobile devices on any of our hero sections.

Animation features

Animated hero section

Create unique attention-grabbing animated slideshows, either as a quick GIF-style animations or a smooth slideshow, using our Animated Hero section.

Scrolling text

Our eye-catching scrolling text section is available to use in two colour schemes on your homepage, product pages, or sectioned pages.

Text and image animations

Add a premium look and feel to your site with optional text and image fading animations as your customers scroll through your site.

Logo transitions

Keep customers attention as they navigation between pages by showing a loading animation with the logo of your choice.

Video features

Hero videos

Don’t hide your most effective content behind a play button — bring your brand to life with autoplaying high quality video built into our Hero Video section. Your videos will be just as captivating on mobile as they are on desktop.

.MP4, YouTube and Vimeo support

Streamline supports all major video formats for autoplaying video across your storefront. We recommend .MP4 or YouTube for the best balance of speed and quality.

Product videos

Bring the runway to the screen by showing autoplaying product videos right inline with the rest of your product images, shown with a play button on the product thumbnail.

Traditional video

Include a full click-to-play video player with video controls and audio on your homepage or in your product descriptions.

Collection pages

Preview all images on hover

Customers can quickly preview up to 10 of a product's images by hovering their mouse over a product or when browsing a collection with 1 product per row from their phone.

Color swatches

Let customers see what colors are available for a product with either a solid color or a textured image.

Flexible layout

Choose how many products you want to show per row on both desktop and mobile and Streamline will arrange them for you. Also comes with an enlarged mobile layout for flush edge-to-edge products.

Large image banner

Optionally show a large, beautiful banner across the top of your collection pages.

See Conversion Features for quick shop and more.

Product pages

13 Additional sections

Tell your brand's story or promote other products or pages right on your product page with 13 modular sections found in the Product Story section of your product pages.

Shipping callout

List your shipping policy right next to your product price to ensure customers know the complete price up front.

Size charts and custom tabs

Provide tabs or expandable boxes for size charts and other repeated content between your products using our custom tagging option.

Product video

Show autoplaying product videos inline with the rest of your product images, highlighted with a play button. Mobile-friendly with support for YouTube, .MP4 and Vimeo.

Mobile-friendly zoom

Customers can quickly look closer at a product image in our thumb-friendly zoom popup.

Color swatches

Let customers choose their color variant by showing either a solid color or a textured image swatch.

Custom related products

Showcase related products from the same collection below your featured product or from a custom collection of your choice.

Flexible layout

Adjust the size of your product images and product description to match the size of your products.

See Conversion Features for review integration and more.

Conversion features

Quick Shop

No waiting for product pages to load — use our Quick Shop feature to show complete product pages (with reviews and sections) instantly from any collection, homepage, or custom sectioned page.

A new cart

Encourage continued shopping with our Sticky cart feature, best when combined with Quick Shop. When enabled, adding a product to cart will instantly return customers to the page they were shopping from, allowing them to keep browsing through the collection that originally caught their interest.

Instagram shoppable posts

Use our integrated Instagram Social Proof section to show lifelike Instagram posts of actual customers using your products. Tag the products shown in the post and they’ll help seal the deal by being shown first on that product’s page.

Mobile-friendly reviews

One click seamless integration of Shopify’s Product Reviews app, compactly built right into the theme as a side scrolling section on mobile.

Product tabs

Address crucial pre-purchase questions by adding text in a tab to all product pages (ex: shipping rates, return policies) or by adding tabs to specific product pages through utility tags.

Product question form

Let customers ask questions when and where they occur by adding a contact form in a tab on your product pages.

FAQ template

Answer common questions of any length on our expandable frequently asked questions page template.

Marketing features

Landing page with sections

Create an engaging landing page using the 10 modular sections on our new page.sections template.

Newsletter popup

Collect customer contact information by offering them promotions in a popup. Set a delay so that the popup doesn’t interrupt their experience.

Footer newsletter

Collect email addresses and provide an enticing message sitewide on your footer.

Beautiful blog

Market to your customers or create a lookbook with our easy to read blog. Articles have been optimized for readability and easy commenting.

Design features

Clean, minimal design

Keep the focus on your products and messaging with Streamline's clean and minimal design style.

Big, beautiful imagery

Large edge-to-edge photos, animations, video, and slideshows let your imagery shine, especially on small screens.

Typography-driven design

One of the most effective ways to give your brand character is through the fonts you use. Streamline uses large, effective typography that puts your style front and center and gives you complete control of sizing, spacing, and capitalization.

Optimized for readability

Smooth, subtle overlays and gradients ensure that your text will be readable but stylish when placed over photography — no matter the size or color.

Scattered photos effect

Give your pages a unique look with our scatter photo effect, shifting your collection and product thumbnails in different directions.

Alternate section colors

Highlight certain sections with our Alternate Section color settings, allowing you to switch the color scheme of any additional section on your homepage, product pages, or sectioned pages.